Limited Time Only

Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future” – This is the definition from multiple dictionaries, as seen on wikipedia.

Once a minute is lost at this moment, it is never coming back.

What a bummer.

Because of this, we are always struggling with the concept of time – whether it is for our own development in a fruitful manner, or even in times when we thought all hopes are lost.

Time Stop

Take the example of an hourglass – once the sand has got to the bottom, that’s about a minute gone (of course, depending how big is that hourglass).

What if I tell you, that time stops whenever you want to?


Not because time has stopped, but because we have made it stopped.

By giving it too much attention.

Henri Junttila wrote about getting stuck. It’s the same theory.

If we all understand that everything has a time bounded to it, we can move on from negative events way much faster.

A couple broke up – the guy went off to enjoy his night, thinking he can now find a new lover, while the girl was drowned in sorrows. During this period of sorrow, the girl may think she’s not lovable, she’s not capable of a new relationship or she let her sadness consumed her. She went into a downward spiral.

But time did not stop, the world did not stop revolving. Not to her. It was the longest and hardest time to pass.

However, after a period of time, with love and support from her friends and family, the situation may reverse.  Maybe its now the guy who’s drowning in sorrows after being dumped by his new lover, whilst the girl has found a new guy who she can depend on.

Similarly, when someone has lost his job, he may think that there’s nothing else he can do. He can no longer get back to where he was, commanding the same amount of pay or holding that high management role.

Until he became an entrepreneur himself and made way a lot more.

The Constant Loop

When Galileo discovered that pendulums keep remarkably good time while watching lamps swing in the Pisa cathedral and noticed that the period of a pendulum remained almost exactly the same, it is an indication that time can be a constant loop just like how the day and night repeats itself.

If one’s not careful, he/she may be trapped in the endless cycle of the pendulum swing, thinking that nothing is going to change. The worse case will be a negative downward spiral. Of course, a fake positivity may not be any better.

But it is not one that keeps you in, because you are not bounded by the swings of the pendulum.

You have the power of choice to break out of this pendulum swing [Read: 8 Greatest Lessons I Learned at 32]

Getting Out of the Loop

There are 3 ideas that I believe everyone can adopt.

  1. Know which things are not within your control 

Many of us suffered because we felt that we have things under control, that we are in the driver’s seat. The first thing to understand is that, there are many which we don’t.

Like another person’s behaviour/character,  past happenings, the market conditions, the list goes on.

Why not spend time thinking of things which we can control? And if you explore, you would realise there are more things we can control than the things we can’t

2. What could be worse?

A few of my friends, those who are really positive, always seem to carry themselves well even in non-ideal situations. We sometimes joke about how things could have gone worse. Making exaggerated outcomes of what has happened, could be really fun to see our situation is not that bad after all.

Probably, this is one of the best place to start comparing. Instead of always comparing yourself with people who has gotten off better, why not look the other way?

Where can you go when you hit the bottom?

The only way is up.

3. It is temporary

That feeling you have, that situation you are in – they are all temporary. Nothing is forever.

We can always prolong the situation, depending on how we see things in perspective. Which is why, we go back to idea #1 by realising that we can control our feelings towards these things.

All good things, still comes to an end

Even for the good things in life (unfortunately)- that beautiful hanabi, that bloom in the gardens, that flashy new car, your perfect looking skin or the lifespan of your iPhone X.

Why people still hold beautiful memories about that first kiss, the first time they met, the look of your first-born, overcoming that almost impossible win or even the time they got so much work to do and yet, still find time to make a visit to the countryside, having had so much fun – it’s all about finding back that feeling.

Perhaps that’s one of the most beautiful link of time and infinity – that short, brisk moment where everything turns magical.

If everything is for a “limited time only”, why not continue to curate beautiful moments, instead of dwelling in those that doesn’t help?

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