How Time Can Screw Us Up Big Time…


Efficiency and productivity are the buzzwords today for our ever-growing capitalism-centric society. We are supposedly placing a huge emphasis on time and getting things done efficiently, solving things on a short-term basis. How is that affecting us or the world?

Emphasis of time has made our society move faster, termed as better efficiency or higher productivity. The pressure is imminent for people to make quicker decisions and expecting faster results, often causing detrimental effects to our lives in the future. Studies have shown that many of us are only able to comprehend what we are about to experience, and doing things in terms of short-term benefits or relieve – that stick of cigarette, the painkillers, carbonated soft drinks in a hot weather etc. Are we too accustomed to solving our short-term gains, because of our own choice or mainstream media together with giant corporations have altered our behaviour to do just that?

Should the world be looking at the bigger picture, many problems may have taken a longer time to resolve but have better sustainability. Take for example, the infamous Operation Cat Drop in Borneo that was the result of solving a problem in the short-term mindset, resulting in deaths of native cats and incurring costs of the Royal Air Force to drop cats in to control the rats problem. Closer to us all, do parents these days reflect on communications that may affect the child’s growth and mindset, or do we want to “teach a lesson“? Do schools look at developing children for the future or simply passing their examinations?

The Solution

With the constant onslaught of distractions and lost of our foothold in ideal long-term thinking, we will nevertheless lose sight of the bigger picture. The solution is a constant reminder. 

To remind ourselves of our ideals, what do we want to become and what’s the end-in-mind. Many of us chose a certain career to achieve something in life; some of us are lucky to find that special someone to spend their life with, but forgot the feelings when they first met or got them together; some of us wanted to spend our lives exploring exotic destinations or travel the world, yet we got lost in the daily struggles at work; some of us wanted to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but prefers to spend time on drinking and meals.

The fact that many of us expecting quicker results and relieves tend to resort to the quick fixes or let things determine our choices, our lives. The outside effects have affected many of us more than anything we know, including our superiors who wants to see things resolved “by end of the day“.

Time is a double-edged sword but the choice to wield it in whichever direction is still dependent on us. Yes, we may have to resolve the quick fixes. But if we have got the bigger picture in mind, one that we are constantly reminded of, set a goal to, we have better determine our choices at the present state.

The power of choice has always been ours. And you’re more powerful than you think.


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