What if Time, Love and Death Could Talk?

To many, time is the only variable in life, a limited resource and everything that we do, “only time will tell“. The beggar and the billionaire both have 24 hours a day; the people in US, the people in UK, the people in China and the people in Singapore, all have 24 hours a day. If you can have an opportunity to have a conversation with Time, Love and Death, what would you say or ask?

Just yesterday, I finished watching a great movie with a good twist, called Collateral Beauty. Indeed, the title baffles me with profoundness (maybe it’s intended to. Thank you Allan Loeb). However, it got me thinking about what kind of conversations are we having with these three interconnected events in our lives? And what are we doing about them?

The movie began with Howard giving a speech on these interconnecting factors:

We are here to connect. Love, time, death. Now these three things connect every single human being on earth. We long for love, we wish we had more time and we fear death” – Howard Inlet

Will Smith’s character Howard, was in a dejection and repulsive state. His friends creatively seek help from “actors” to respond to his letters in order to bring him out of his misery. Howard began opening up by challenging Time, Love and Death (the actors/actresses) and in the process, his friends discovered the meaning of the same in their own life scenarios.

As Madeleine (played by Helen Mirren) explains Collateral Beauty: “It’s the profound connection to everything”.

This interconnection between the 3 defining factors of our lives, are knitted but should not take precedence over one another. None of them have an absolute end…

Time is after all, a concept to measure existence. Even though death seemingly depicts the end of time of a physical form, love exists or transcends even after death. Love does not end even when life does, and since there’s “no death”, there is no end in time. Everything is linked, everything is connected. But “Love is the reason for everything” – Aimee Moore.

In life, a lot of things require us to be more decisive, to be more courageous. Yet, we have been floating like a jellyfish amidst the big ocean, to wherever the current may bring us. I too, have been the same. After analysing the movie and reflecting on the events in my life, there are several questions that I will have to keep asking myself throughout the rest of my life’s journey. I hope these are questions that you will ask yourself as well, and hopefully, they shed light and bring clarity in your journey as they did for me:

Is this something I love to do? Something that I can fully indulge in without feeling the drag of time or do I feel obliged to do them? Even if obligations, do I have something useful to learn from it?

Is there love in the things I do everyday, in relation to my family, friends, colleagues, strangers and enemies? If no, what can I do to to improve?

How would I like to be remembered and loved by the people I have crossed paths with? 

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